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Ezt ki kell próbálni! :-) Csak legyek Chrome közelben...

Ezt ki kell próbálni! :-) Csak legyek Chrome közelben...

Originally shared by Mohamed Mansour

Hey photographers, musicians, and creators!

I just created a new Chrome Extension just for you! I call it Extended Embed for Google Plus. It is to enrich your content even more on Google+.

Download it now: Make sure it is version 0.0.7+
Source on GitHub: Make sure you fork and send patches :)

- Allows you for the first time to play embedded Soundcloud links without leaving the page.
- Makes Flickr photos beautiful by increasing the size for the photos, similar to G+ photos.
- Makes Slideshare links interactive, so you can interact right on Google+.

Also it has support to enrich, Revision3, Hulu, and SmugMug. I made this extension specifically for Lucas Johnson, he kept on bugging me for a Soundcloud integration :) Here you go buddy !!!

Note: I will be in San Francisco / Palo Alto all next week, if you would like to hangout in real life, let me know :)

Have a great weekend :)