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500 Firepaper updated to v1.50

500 Firepaper updated to v1.50

So, 500 Firepaper saw an update today, delivering three much requested features: history browser, blur, and a way to donate.

First up is the history browser. A lot of people have asked to be able to review the images they have seen. So here it is. The biggest caveat is probably that it only shows you history starting this update. So no reviewing what you saw before updating to v1.50. That being said, personally I've just mostly given up on trying to keep track of all these beautiful images - because soon enough, the app will present you with an image that's just as beautiful!

Second up is blur (and oversaturate): I'm not sure I'll ever really understand why people would want to do this to the beautiful images from 500px, but as there have been literally hundreds of requests for this, here it is - random nondescript blobs with blurry edges for your enjoyment! Just crank both the blur and oversaturate sliders all the way up ...

Last but not least, there's now a way to donate. Or upgrade to Pro. Whatever you like to call it. It doesn't unlock any new features, all the features are there and fully operational regardless of you buying me a beer or not. The only real difference is that if you haven't donated, the app will ask you to every time you open the UI. If that's too annoying let me know, I'll reduce the frequency in a future update if enough people have issues with it.

- Added history browser
- Added blur option
- Added oversaturate option
- Added setup wizard
- Added donation
- Fixed another black bar issue
- Fixed some spelling errors
- Current image now survives restarts (rotation on some launchers, reboot)
- Parallax disabled by default