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Aktuális sebesség kijelzése Google Maps Android alá Tasker segítségével.

Aktuális sebesség kijelzése Google Maps Android alá Tasker segítségével.

Originally shared by Thomas Exel

a few days ago I found a nice Task here in this Community and adapted this Task for my needs. Sorry to the original Programmer that I don't mention him here, but I don't find this Post here again!!

This Task will display your current speed when navigating with Google Maps. Here are all Infos about it.

Scene: the Scene is formated to fit on my Galaxy S3, the colors are like Google Maps colors....

Scene: Speed New

Orientation: System
Background Colour: #00FFFFFF
Action Bar Style: System
Title: Speed New
Icon: null
Tab Labels:

Element: Speed/Text
P:230,176 230x72 L:520,140 240x75
Text: %LOCSPDRND km/h
Text Size: 86
Text Width Scale Percent: 180
Text Colour: #FFFFFFFF
Position: Centre
Vertical Fit Mode: Reduce Text Size
Text Format: Plain Text

Task: the Task is 1st checking if my Bluetooth is on, since it's only on, when the Phone is in the Cardock. Inside the Loop the Speed is updated every 2 seconds but not like in the original Task, where the Display was blinking. In this Task the display will only be updated!
At A8 I check the Variable %MapsOn - it's set to 1 when Maps is running and will be 0 if not. This is manages in a second Profile (see below)

Maps Speed Anzeige
A1: Destroy Scene [ Name:Speed New ]
A2: Stop [ With Error:Off Task: ] If [ %BLUE ~ off ]
A3: Create Scene [ Name:Speed New ]
A4: Show Scene [ Name:Speed New Display As:Overlay Horizontal Position:200 Vertical Position:200 Animation:System Show Exit Button:Off Continue Task Immediately:On ]

A5: Anchor
A6: Variable Set [ Name:%LOCSPDRND To:round (%LOCSPD*3.6) Do Maths:On Append:Off ]
A7: Element Text [ Scene Name:Speed New Element:Speed Position:Replace Existing Text:%LOCSPDRND km/h ]
A8: Goto [ Type:Action Number Number:11 Label: ] If [ %MapsOn ~ 0 ]
A9: Wait [ MS:0 Seconds:2 Minutes:0 Hours:0 Days:0 ]

A10: Goto [ Type:Action Number Number:5 Label:Loop ] If [ %SCREEN ~ on ]
A11: Destroy Scene [ Name:Speed New ]
A12: Stop [ With Error:Off Task: ]

Profile: the Profile for displaying

Profile: Maps SPEED Anzeige
Application: Maps
Enter: Maps Speed Anzeige
A1: Destroy Scene [ Name:Speed New ]

Profile: the Profile for the %MapsOn Variable

Profile: Maps Running Check
Application: Maps
Enter: Variable Set %MapsOn to 1
Exit: Variable Set %MapsOn to 0