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Enigma Machine on Your Wrist #WearableWednesday

This build that I discovered from our Hackaday friends just makes me go “wow and wow”. Yes, it’s a copy of the Enigma machine that was used to encrypt messages in World War II, but it’s tiny. Maker Simon Jansen has done an amazing job detailing his machine, down to the metal case and petite label. Check out the parts!

One of the things that drew me to the project was the OLED display, which creates the perfect backdrop for the readout. Buttons allow for scrolling up and down for numbers/letters, as well as making a selection. Although Simon started with a larger Arduino and a breadboard, he was able to fit things in a tight space with an Arduino Pro Mini. Parts can be fun, but it was Simon’s determination in actually understanding the Enigma Machine which makes this project truly stand out, especially the programming.

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