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Hol van kihalva a G+? :-)

Hol van kihalva a G+? :-)

Originally shared by Morten Myrstad

Google+ with more traffic than Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged in the US - growing 37% in two weeks

Google+ is continuing it's growth in weekly visits, and last week, ending 9th of June, the new social network had more weekly visits than Pinterest, Linkedin and Tagged.

37% growth in two weeks
According to Experian Hitwise, Google+ in two weeks has gone from 16,6 to 22,8 million weekly visits, a staggering 37% growth. Now Google+ ranks as the 5th largest Social Media Website in the U.S., compared to number 8 two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago Google launched Google+ Local, which probably is contributing to the growth of the network.

Steady growth
Measured in percentage, Google+ had 0,86% of total visits to U.S. Social Networks last week. Google+ has shown a steady growth from November, when Google+ for the first time was on of the Top 10 Social Networking sites in the US with a share of visits of 0,33%. 

In front of Pinterest
Three months ago Pinterest had double the traffic of Google+. Now Google+ with 0,86% is slightly ahead of Pinterest with it's 0,83%.

The figures from Experian Hitwise does not include mobile traffic (smartphones and tablets).