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Coming Soon! - iRobot Create® 2 Programmable Robot

Originally shared by Adafruit Industries

Coming Soon! - iRobot Create® 2 Programmable Robot

iRobot Create 2 is a mobile robot platform built from remanufactured Roomba robots and designed for use by educators, developers and high-school and college-age students. Program or build your own projects or start with our sample projects provided online. Create 2 is ready to go, right out of the box, so there is no need to assemble the drive system or worry about low-level code.

Other Create 2 features include:

 - Serial cable sends commands from a computer or other microcontroller to the robot
 - Preprogrammed behaviors can be controlled via Open Interface Commands
 - Built-in sensors allow the robot to react to its environment
  - Drill template on faceplate shows safe drilling areas. Removing the faceplate exposes the serial port.
 - Robot returns to Home Base to dock and recharge. Rechargeable battery charges in three hours.
- Compatible with Roomba 600 Series accessories including batteries, Home Base®, remote control and Virtual Wall®

What are some of the things I can do with iRobot Create 2?

 - Program movements, sounds and the LED display, as well as read all of the robot's onboard sensors
 - Add an external computer or microcontroller with additional sensors and actuators to transform Create into exactly the robot you want. Add a camera to build your own camera bot!
 - Use our 3D printable file to create a storage bin and ensure your additional electronics are safely housed within the robot's chassis

Contents include:

 - iRobot Create® 2 Programmable Robot
 - Rechargeable Battery
 - Home Base
 - Communication Cable
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