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A képtől sokkot kaptam. :)

A képtől sokkot kaptam. :)

Originally shared by Christopher Butler

Tonight, Lisa Andrews threw down a ridiculous challenge and I could not refuse.  So, here you go, internet:

 "Do You Wanna Fly A Starship?"

...Kirk?  (beeps the doorbell)
Do you wanna fly a starship?
Let’s beam up beyond the skies!
I never see you anymore
Hailing ship-to-shore:
Don’t you miss Enterprise? 

You used to be my captain,
And now you’re not,
I wish you would tell me why!

Do you wanna fly a starship?
A captain kinda needs his starship...

"Go away, Spock."

Very well...bye...

Do you wanna fly a starship?
And fence with Sulu in the halls?
Engineering is a total mess
Scotty’s in a dress
and you can see his...
(“Your attire is inappropriate, Commander.”)

It gets a little lonely
The empty center chair,
Just watching the stars go by...
(bridge beeping sounds)

Kirk, please I know you’re in there
Its Starfleet’s orders that I bring,
They say “take command” and I’m trying to
I’m in line after you
Just one thing…

We only have each other
Its just you and me
And four hundred other guys….

Do you wanna fly a starship…?