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This week, the C64 trains up a small neural network - how modern! Gene Ruebsamen is using two byte fixed point arithmetic, with the bulk of the code written in C and compiled by cc65. It takes 100 minutes to train a 6 neuron net to implement the difficult XOR function. Hmm, probably not going to play chess or go this way on a 6502.
But see also this 1987 article by John Walker, where a short type-in Basic program on a C64 is simulating 84 neurons, recognising dot-matrix letters is a 6x7 grid:

That sounds more encouraging! We think there might be life in this idea after all.

(You might notice that the main image is not quite a C64... in fact it's the short-lived C64x, a modern PC in a breadbox case, containing no 6502 at all. That was quite a controversial product - you can read an interview with the man behind it here, who bought 200 C64s back in the early 80s, to help run his business: