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Ez egy hasznos Chrome kiegészítő lehet

Ez egy hasznos Chrome kiegészítő lehet

Originally shared by Artem Russakovskii

Something we've been working on recently - a helper Chrome/Opera/maybe Firefox extension for the Google Play web Store.

Right now, it extracts the pname and adds buttons to open:
- app search on APK Mirror
- article search on Android Police
- Appbrain app page

It also checks whether there's a Play Store beta program (publicly available, or if you're subscribed to the relevant community, a private one) and offers a quick way to subscribe to it. If you're already in a beta, it lets you go to the right page to unsubscribe.

This is all basic stuff but it makes my day-to-day interactions so much easier and faster, as I go to these pages dozens of time every day.

Right now, the APK Mirror button is the only mandatory one since the extension is technically related to APK Mirror, with the rest optionally enabled in the extension's settings, but maybe by the time we release it, it'll be more generic and APK Mirror will become optional too.